How Much Can You Earn as a Data Science Freelancer?

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How Much Can You Earn as a Data Science Freelancer? (It's Between $0 and $400,000 per Year)

A recent study from O’Reilly found that data science is a wide field with many specializations and job descriptions. However, the average earning of an employed data scientist—45% of all respondents would consider themselves as such—is between $60,000 and $110,000. This means that experienced data scientists over time quite certainly reach six-figure income levels if they keep improving and searching for new opportunities.

There are significant opportunities “down the line” by working as an architect, team leader, or manager that earn significantly above six-figures. Becoming an employed data scientist remains an attractive way to make a great living.

But what about freelance data scientists? Do they earn more?

The best data comes directly from the source: Upwork, the biggest freelancer market in the world. Let’s dive into some profiles from freelance data scientists!

Here’s a table of 24 freelance data scientists incomes from the Upwork results:

FreelancerHourly IncomeEarnedJob Success
Data Science & Machine Learning$60$100.000100%
Data Science & Machine Learning$300$100.000100%
Data Science Consultant$50$10.00097%
Data Science & Machine Learning$25$10.00091%
Data Science/Analyst, Statistician$70$100.00097%
Applied Machine Learning$300$50.000100%
Chief Technology Officer$55$200.000100%
Computer Vision$32$2.000.000100%
Data Engineer$50$10.000100%
Research Scientist$150$700.00095%
Analytics Expert$52$10.000100%
Deep Learning Expert$195$10.000100%
Data Scientist$60$10.00077%
Scalable Analytics Consultant$300$500.000100%
Machine Learning$40$8.00091%
Machine Learning$80$30.000100%
Machine Learning$50$4.000100%
Big Data Engineer$50$10.000100%

The tabular data is drawn from 100 Upwork freelancer profiles as they appeared in the Upwork search. We randomly chose profiles and filtered them for data availability (e.g., total money earned). The result is that the average freelance data scientist earns $96 per hour. For 1700 working hours per year and a full schedule, this results in an average annual income of $163,200. To accomplish this, you need to join the ranks of relatively high-rated freelancers above 90% job satisfaction.

Let’s have a look at some other data sources: As a data scientist, you’re a programmer—in a way. The demand for programming talent has steadily increased in the preceding decades.

Here’s a quick tabular overview of what you can earn as a data scientist—it shows that as a data scientist, you’re in effect a well-compensated coder with specific skill sets.

TitleBest Programming LanguagesYearly Income (Average US)
Web DeveloperJavaScript + HTML + CSS + SQL$78,088
Mobile Developer AndroidJava$126,154
Mobile Developer AppleSwift$123,263
Back End DeveloperPython + Django + Flask$127,913
Front End DeveloperJavaScript + HTML + CSS$109,742
Full-Stack EngineerPython + JavaScript + HTML + CSS + SQL$112,098
Data ScientistPython + Matplotlib + Pandas + NumPy + Dash$122,700
Machine Learning EngineerPython + NumPy + Scikit-Learn + TensorFlow$145,734

Let’s dive into the different freelance developer career choices for maximum success!

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