How to Bootstrap as a Python Freelancer with No Money?

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Here’s what one of my “Coffee Break Python” email course members asked per email:

“My struggle is that I know some Python already, but I don’t reach my goal. My goal is to become a freelancer and earn money with it so I can save and start my own success plan but I need a certain amount of money to start. I would be really happy if I’m able to right a full program from scratch by myself with no google or other’s help. If you get some tips I’m always interested!” — Tristan

Hey Tristan,

thanks for your email! Have you read this article before?

[Article] How Real Freelancers Earn Money in 2019 – 10 Practical Python Projects

It’s all about practical Python projects that keep you going. These projects are highly practical — real freelancers have earned real money with them. I would start with selecting one problem and solving it (with the help of Google ;). Then, go to the next project. After 3-4 projects, you can start working as a real freelancer on or — especially if you already know some Python.

Hope this helps!


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