How to Convert a Text File to a CSV File in Python?

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You can convert a text file to a CSV file in Python in four simple steps: (1) Install the Pandas library, (2) import the Pandas library, (3) read the CSV file as DataFrame, and (4) write the DataFrame to the file:

  1. (Optional in shell) pip install pandas
  2. import pandas as pd
  3. df = pd.read_csv('my_file.txt')
  4. df.to_csv('my_file.csv', index=None)

Here’s a minimal example:

import pandas as pd
read_file = pd.read_csv('my_file.txt')
read_file.to_csv ('my_file.csv', index=None)

Of course, replace the filenames 'my_file.txt' and 'my_file.csv' with the path and name to your specific in and out files.

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