Double Hyphen (‐‐) Not Single Dash (–) in WordPress

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WordPress automatically replaces ‐‐ with the long dash –. But for technical text, you often need the double minus symbol, e.g., when writing scripts and command line flags such as –option.

💬 How to prevent WordPress from replacing the double hyphen (minus) with the long dash?

Here’s the surprisingly simple fix:

You can simply edit the WordPress Block where the double hyphen arises as HTML and replace it with the character sequence ‐‐ or write ‐‐.

Copy either of the following sequences in your WordPress editor to write the double hyphen:


This character sequence is the Hyphen HTML Code:

💡 Info: Copying this Hyphen HTML code in the WordPress editor works for paragraphs but also for post titles and excerpts and most other WordPress block elements.

For more ways to accomplish this less elegantly, feel free to check out this excellent guide.