How to Diversify Your Income as a Freelancer [Finxter Review]

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How to Diversify Your Income with Thushyanthan [Finxter Freelancer Course]

Here’s the transcript of the video:

Hi everyone. How are you? Thushyanthan here. I wanted to take a few minutes to provide some feedback and, I guess in some sense, a review of the course material potentially also a testimonial. So take it how you will. But before I begin, I just want to give you a quick background. I’ve been in the education industry for now 15 years, mostly operations, working with legacy equipment, on premises systems supporting the students and the faculty and the entire administration of universities.

My goal here, not just in this course but overall, is really to understand processes, to improve processes. And because I work with a wonderful team, I really want to bring learning to the team so that we can improve our operations. We can improve our processes. And really the goal is continuous improvement.

I love the idea of lean and I’m taking all of these concepts and applying lean concepts into the knowledge work area. So, one thing that is funny is even though I’ve been working with the education industry, And I’ve worked a lot with equipment and applications and things like that, I haven’t really had an opportunity to work with Python.

So among my goals is to add Python to my repertoire along with other kind of toolings because my current role, I am working with cloud and migrating on premises to the cloud. Very very interesting for me. But the promise of the cloud is there’s even more fun stuff to learn. So again, that’s just a quick background and my goals.

So in terms of the feedback for the course, there were a few questions that Christian and the rest of the team here on Finxter wanted, and this is what I wanted to provide to you. So the questions here are in green, and here’s a little bit of my talking points. So the first question, the dream life, the dream freelancer life, how this course has helped and how much I want to earn.

So right off the bat, I want to let you know that I really enjoy what I do. I enjoy working with my team. I enjoy learning that’s really my goal. And with the learning, you know, I want to learn as much as possible to bring back to my team. And then as the team learns, I learn from the team and then I will take that and apply that to my own personal projects.

So my dream life, again, I’m already living a good life and an enjoyable life. And I am doing what I want to do. But eventually I do definitely want to diversify an income stream just because, you know, I can carve out a little bit more time for myself, for my family. And that’s really what I’m about here.

And one of the goals again, is to work on several shorter projects. And so this is what I think working as a freelancer will get me. And when I say short, I mean, short compared to the organizational goals that I’m working at currently, which are quite long and they span months if not years. So again, the goal is faster learning, faster feedback so that I can bring all of these new processes back to my team. So I believe that working on several short-er projects will really help.

How has this course helped? Personally, I’m not a fan of the [learning] platform itself, but the community has been great. The lessons have been great and the ideas that Christian and the rest of the team and the rest of the students bring in really helped me open my eyes. You know, as a knowledge worker especially now that I’m working remote a hundred percent of the time, it’s really difficult to get new input from a variety of perspectives, variety of learners, variety of individuals across the world. And so that’s what this community offers. And I think that is extremely fabulous.

I play a lot of Euro board games and I really appreciate that the way that these systems within the games themselves show up in the idea of learning, especially for freelancing. And so for me, really working within the constraints of the system here, of being a freelancer of Python, of the material and the content of the course is just going to provide me an additional toolkit where I can provide value, not just for myself, but for my team. And it’s going to be a back and forth learning.

So how much do I want to earn? Well, as an additional stream of income, definitely $65 an hour plus US dollars. So I think I have answered a lot of the questions, but what I do want to let you know is that I myself am committed to the community here. So if there are any questions that you have, or you want to post, you know, it’s not just Chris, that’s there to assist you, it’ll be the entire community. So yeah, that’s it. I look forward to the continual learning and thank you very much for this video.

Take care of yourselves. Have a beautiful day. I will see you in the next video. Bye bye for now.