How to Get Passive Income as a Programmer with Blogging?

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In my Python freelancer course, I get a lot of ambitious programmers who want to earn money online. Many of them ask the question of how on earth they can generate passive income as a programmer.

Well, the answer is obvious to me—but many upcoming freelancers are surprised by this opportunity. Today I want to share this simple idea with you: blogging.

(No shit, Sherlock!) ?

Blogging is a great business strategy because each blog article is an extremely scalable, passive marketing system that earns money for you as you sleep.

Some articles earn more, some articles earn less.

But think about the opportunity of creating a great army of warriors (the blog articles)—each earning you passive income day in and day out.

In this video, I summarized my ideas about this exciting opportunity:

How to Get Passive Income as a Programmer with Blogging?

But how exactly are you earning money as a blogger? Well, I would recommend you sell info products. It’s a one-time investment that earns you money, credibility, and experience. And it’s fun to create! (And, as a coder, you hate the alternative: ads.)

Where to go from here?

Check out my article about passive income to find more ideas for coders to create a constant stream of income from a one-time investment of resources.

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