How to Get Traffic for Your Online Coding Business Without Spending a Lot of Time?

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If you create an online coding business, you’ll need traffic like blood through your veins. Traffic gives you what Donald Trump calls “Deal Flow”—the ability to continuously improve your conversion and create new opportunities.

However, creating organic traffic is a long-term strategy that does not only take a lot of time until your blog gains momentum (can be years) but also a lot of effort (multiple blog articles per week and the willingness to learn about the ins and outs of blogging — see my article about how not to start your own programming blog).

But there’s another way of getting traffic instantly: advertisement. Most coders hate advertising (I do). So if you don’t want spend money on advertisements, what do you do?

You simply buy programming blogs! It’s really easy. Watch the video to learn about a few strategies of how to buy sustainable traffic sources:

How to Get Traffic for Your Online Coding Business FAST? It's Not Advertising!

A good formula for buying blogs is to spend 30 times the monthly earnings of the blog. That’s it. The ROI is much better than Facebook ads!

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