How to Install Flask on PyCharm?

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Flask is a Python web development framework for rapid prototyping. You can launch web-based applications very quickly in Flask! ?

Problem Formulation: Given a PyCharm project. How to install the Flask library in your project within a virtual environment or globally?

Here’s a solution that always works:

  • Open File > Settings > Project from the PyCharm menu.
  • Select your current project.
  • Click the Python Interpreter tab within your project tab.
  • Click the small + symbol to add a new library to the project.
  • Now type in the library to be installed, in your example Flask, and click Install Package.
  • Wait for the installation to terminate and close all popup windows.

Here’s the installation process as a short animated video—it works analogously for Flask, just type in “Flask” in the search field instead:

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