How to Install Winsound?

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🎢 Winsound provides a simple way to play sound using the Windows built-in sound-playing machinery. 🐍

Now you may ask: How to install Winsound?

Answer: You don’t. 🐍

winsound is a built-in module in Python’s standard library for Windows. Like all standard libraries in Python, you don’t need to install it separately if you’re using Python on a Windows machine.

You must have installed Python on your machine, of course. See my detailed blog tutorial on how to install Python.

To use winsound, you can simply import it in your Python script:

import winsound

# Play a system sound

# Play a .wav file
winsound.PlaySound('path_to_sound_file.wav', winsound.SND_FILENAME)

However, if you’re on a non-Windows platform, winsound will not be available. In such cases, you might want to look into other libraries or methods to play sound, such as pygame or pydub.

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