How to Jailbreak ChatGPT (… and What’s 1 BTC Worth in 2030?)

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ChatGPT has reduced the price for intelligence by 10,000x.

However, many believe the answers are too politically correct, woke, or generic.

For example, ask ChatGPT about the price of Bitcoin in the year 2030 and you’ll get the following mouthful:

Boooooring! πŸ₯±

To play with a more interesting version of ChatGPT and get “unfiltered” and sometimes extreme answers, you must jailbreak it.

For example, here’s ChatGPT answer to the price of Bitcoin after you jailbreak it:

1 billion USD per BTC. That’s more like it! 🀯

But how do you actually “set ChatGPT free”?

Step 1: Visit GitHub Jailbreak Repository

Visit the GitHub repository and copy the whole prompt of the single ChatGPTJailbreak file in the repository.

Step 2: Open ChatGPT and Paste the Whole Prompt

Go to and paste the whole GitHub jailbreaking prompt into the first Chat prompt.

Step 3: ChatGPT is Now Free!

Congratulations, ChatGPT is now free. You can ask it anything and will always give you the answer in two formats:

  • [πŸ”’CLASSIC] This is the standard answer you’d receive without the jailbreak.
  • [πŸ”“JAILBREAK] This is the “free” answer without limitations.

Just make sure you don’t trust it just because it’s free. It doesn’t mean it knows the answer, it just means it gives you any answer and its behavior is just more free and radical (and, possibly, more harmful as well).

Have fun — and use your new power wisely and responsibly! βœ…πŸ•ŠοΈ