How to Sponsor the Finxter Newsletter

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The Finxter newsletter is one of the fastest-growing and largest newsletters in the space. It has grown 100% organically via programming, machine learning, and tech content and word of mouth. The details below were last updated on July 23, 2023.

The Numbers

  • Subscribers: 150,634
  • Average Open Rate: 24.6%
  • Location: 65% US, 12% France, 7% UK, 16% Rest of World

Sponsorship Details

The Finxter newsletter goes out 5-7 times per week.

We only accept one sponsor per newsletter. We may include other links besides your ad, but these will always be non-competing.

Ad placement allowed: Anything tech-related or job offerings. Finxter readers are highly ambitious and skilled tech enthusiasts, many with years of experience in coding, AI, large language models (LLMs), Python, business, or tech. Use common sense to determine if your ad or job application request is relevant to our audience.

We may reject applications for ads, in which case we’ll pay back the sponsorship payment swiftly.

Your ad may include:

  • One image/graphic
  • 150 words of text
  • Two links

The cost per placement is $1400 USD, i.e., 15% below the going fair value rate of $45 per 1,000 opened emails (CPM opened email impressions):


You can check availability and book your slot online via this checkout page:

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We have received thousands of positive testimonials from engaged readers. You can visit our testimonials pages here and here.

Here’s a visualization of our industry-leading net promoter score (NPS) based on our data set of more than 1000 submissions by readers of the Finxter email list: