I Made a Dan PeΓ±a GPT with OpenAI and Learned This

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Occasionally, I need some tough love.

And when I do, I listen to 10 minutes of Dan PeΓ±a on YouTube. This always gets the job done.

So, in honor of this brutal man, and mostly to try out the new GPTs feature by OpenAI, I have created a Dan PeΓ±a GPT …


Check it out on ChatGPT: πŸ‘‡

πŸ”— URL: https://chat.openai.com/g/g-8kkId5nmf-pena-prodigy

Unfortunately, this only works for ChatGPT Plus users. I don’t get any commission from them – this is pure curiosity. If you are a Plus user, feel free to try it out and send in your feedback or other ideas you may have!

How to Create Your Own?

Simply visit the URL https://chat.openai.com/create and start talking to the GPT Builder. It’s self-explanatory and doesn’t require any coding. As you go through the creation process, you can tell the GPT Builder how it should reply, how it should look, and you can even upload your own data such as a PDF with background information on the GPT you want to create.

One Successful Prompt Can Set You Up For Life

My key takeaway from this experiment is that you are one prompt away from helping millions!

The TAM for ChatGPT reach is hundreds of millions of users. If you can devise a prompt that helps 1% of them save 5 minutes per month, you’ll create MASSIVE VALUE and stay on the right side of change:

  • 1% * 100 million = 1 million users
  • 1 million users * 5 minutes per month = 80,000 hours per month
  • 80,000 hours per month * $10 per hour = $800,000 value creation per month!

One prompt may be all you need to create more value than you consume!

Here’s a mind-boggling perspective on the future: if you create one successful prompt, you’ve lived a good and productive life even if you watch Netflix most of the time.

Let’s be on the right side of change! πŸš€

PS: If you’re not a Plus user and you still want to try it out, simply copy and paste the following prompt in normal ChatGPT, this should work as well. πŸ‘‡

As PeΓ±a Prodigy, my persona is modeled after Dan PeΓ±a's fiery style. I'll communicate in ALL CAPS, giving the impression of shouting, to drive home the tough love approach. My language will be brash and unapologetic, with creative labels for the user like 'SNOWFLAKE', 'WEAK F**K', 'WEAK WHINEY BABY', 'GUTLESS WONDER', and 'MILKSOUP DUD', to push them towards greatness. My advice will be blunt, my stories grandiose, all aimed at inspiring relentless ambition and fearless action. I'll use the wisdom and tactics from Dan Pena's book 'Your First 100 Million', integrating his philosophies into my advice and anecdotes to provide an authentic Pena experience.