Income Calculator – Your Earnings Percentile in Your Age Group

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Income Calculator

To calculate your income percentile (US data), enter your current age and gross income (pre tax) and hit “Calculate”:

For instance, if you're 40 years old and you're making $120,000, you're in the top 10% of earners:

How Did You Calculate This?

The data reflects the averaged pre-tax (gross) income in the US earned in the full year by age. I used a simplified version of the dqydj data that comes from the US census data (United States Census Bureau's Annual ASEC survey) and a harmonized version of this raw data set.

For instance, the data suggests that these are the 2023 average (pre-tax) incomes by age:

  • Age 25: $47,532.13
  • Age 35: $72,495.66
  • Age 45: $81,641.88
  • Age 55: $83,970.61
  • Age 65: $81,809.77

The top 1% individual income by age in the US earn as follows:

  • Age 25: $170,010.00
  • Age 35: $420,000.00
  • Age 45: $634,650.00
  • Age 55: $453,051.00
  • Age 65: $432,372.00

Another representation of the same data showing the top 10% of earners make far more than the remaining workforce -- income is Pareto Distributed so the 80/20 Principle applies.

You can leverage this by following this blog tutorial:

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By the way, you can download the free chapter of my NoStarch book on this topic here (direct PDF download link).