Is There a Python Certification?

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Demand for great Python developers soars. Companies seek knowledgeable Python coders—and pay good money for them. If you’d become a great Python developer, you could easily earn six figures nowadays.

Yet, companies need proof of your skills before hiring you. And if you are working as a freelance developer in the Python space, you’ll also benefit greatly from certifications—to gain trust as an expert in your industry.

What are great ways of certifying your Python skills? The following list shows the most important ones:

  • Certify your Python skill level on the app. It’s one of the rare apps that doesn’t only certify that you finished a certain course, it also certifies your skill level.
  • You can also download PDF certificates with your name on it for each of the courses on the Finxter computer science academy with courses on blockchain development, machine learning, ChatGPT, OpenAI, data science, and practical Python projects.
  • Certify your finished courses on the Coursera platform. Coursera is an excellent platform and enjoys lots of credibilities worldwide.
  • Certify your finished Python program on the Python Institute. It’s one of those programs which is highly credible and highly expensive. Maybe the credibility comes from the high price?
  • Solve a bunch of problems at SoloLearn and download the free certificates. Like the Finxter app, it’s based on practical code problems rather than a formal course.
  • A very credible source for certification comes from the open-source edX initiative. You’ll find computer science (and also Python) courses with certifications. However, you’ll pay for it more than 1000 bucks dependent on the concrete program.
  • You can actually study computer science online (e.g. University of London). This will give you the most credible of all certificates: a formal computer science degree.

I hope that these resources will help you get started. However, I quickly want to mention this one thing: if you want to earn money as a Python coder, seeking a certificate is not the main path to success.

You should rather dive into coding right away — on freelancing platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, and You’ll get a lot of practical experience and improve your skills while getting paid for it.

While you build your profile and work on practical projects, you can slowly study computer science online — for yourself or using an official program.

However, don’t waste too much time studying stuff you’ll never need! Dive into practice ASAP:

Become a Python freelancer in 2 months.

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