Java vs. Python for Beginners: Who’s the One to Win the Coding Battle?

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In the field of computer programming, every day is a day to learn something new. There is a new challenge that comes your way and leaves you a better programmer. New coding languages have been released lately, providing coders with wider options in their coding zeal. 

Despite the new languages, the two oldest programming software continue to survive. They were developed in the 1990s and began to compete in 2000. Since then, they have remained the most preferred language in computer programming. Many years later, who is destined to win – Java or Python.

Programming tips for beginners

The field of programming might look tough to a beginner. The languages might look too complex to deal with. The most skilled programmers were beginners one day, but they developed resilience and skills by learning the secrets of coding success. Here are tips to help you succeed in programming. 

Begin with the basics: Do not rush to the complex tasks but rather focus on the basics and progress steadily to the toughest tasks.

Help is always near: It’s not time to stress yourself with codes that you have no idea about how to crack. There is someone out there willing to help you become a pro. 

You’ve learned it, practice it: Never wait until someone hires you to practice coding. Grab your computer and begin to create the simplest programs. 

Coding by hand is a good starting point: Most programmers hire coders who know to code by hand. This is the first test most of them give. Try it out multiple times until you master it.

There is a lot of information online: The internet is full of resources that can help you code better. Search them, read them, practice them.

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To use Java or Python – who is the winner?

These are the two languages with the most users and widest support across the coding field. 

Java is commonly used for numerical computing, desktop, and mobiles. It is an object-oriented program that requires minimum implementation dependency. Java has been around since 1995.

Python is mostly used in data analytics and machine learning. It is a general-purpose software created to make coding easy. Python has been around since 1991.

Who fixes bugs better – Java or Python?

During programming, any issues in programs created using python cannot be noted up to the time when the codes are executed. The resulting problems could be a failure of operations or delayed turnarounds. Objects created with python can easily mutate. This doesn’t happen with Java. Mutations limit software security.

Which is faster – Java or Python?

Java has a feature called JIT (Just in Time) compiler. This feature, plus its concurrency support, boosts its run time environment. Java compiles its programs bytecodes into a native machine code JIT to run. The Java JVM (Java Virtual Machine) directly calls the code that has been compiled. As a result, a processor or memory is not required to run the code. This makes any Java program fast, just like a native app. 

Python doesn’t compile its programs directly. Instead, it’s interpreted. When retrieving objects in a Python program, they have to use the memory. These processes slow down the runtime and add the workload, thus slowing the program.

Comparing syntax which is better – Java or Python

The syntax in Java is too tight and requires programmers to write every variable. If they make any code error, the program cannot execute. It’s complex to define lines in Java.

A Python user doesn’t require entering the variables when writing. They are entered at the execution phase. Python doesn’t require indentation because it is a straightforward, user-friendly programming language. 


The competition battle for superiority between Java and Python is not ending soon. Each programming language brings onboard new features all the time. Python is used more by programmers, although Java is the closest alternative. Python is applicable outside the programming field, but Java provides greater speed. Python might be a better choice for beginners, while Java might be better for programming experts. Going beyond the battles, whether to use Java or Python depends on the project at hand. 

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