Label Studio Quickstart

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🏷️ Label Studio is an open-source data labeling tool to label multiple data types such as audio, text, images, videos, and time series. You can export multiple model formats using a simple user interface. It is often used for data preparation to get more accurate machine learning models.

Here’s an example from the GitHub repository:

πŸ–ŠοΈ Try It Yourself: You can try out the labeling interface in the Playground.

Install Label Studio

Installing Label Studio Plus Overview of Basic Features

There are multiple ways to install it. For me, the easiest way is to use pip:

# Requires Python >=3.7 <=3.9
pip install label-studio

# Start the server at http://localhost:8080

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If you want to install it with Docker (locally), I recommend you check out the docs. The TLDR is to run the following commands:

docker pull heartexlabs/label-studio:latest
docker run -it -p 8080:8080 -v $(pwd)/mydata:/label-studio/data heartexlabs/label-studio:latest

You’ll find all generated assets (database storage and uploaded files, for example) in the ./mydata folder.

Here’s how the user interface looks like:

I recommend you check out the Playground to learn if this applies to your machine-learning labeling pipeline:

Text classification:

Audio classification:

Image classification:

There are many more data types that can be labeled using this platform, I particularly liked the Polygon segmentation:

Overall, a very helpful tool. Let’s finish with the ecosystem of the Label Studio tool:


label-studioServer, distributed as a pip package
label-studio-frontendReact and JavaScript frontend and can run standalone in a web browser or be embedded into your application.
data-managerReact and JavaScript frontend for managing data. Includes the Label Studio Frontend. Relies on the label-studio server or a custom backend with the expected API methods.
label-studio-converterEncode labels in the format of your favorite machine learning library
label-studio-transformersTransformers library connected and configured for use with Label Studio

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