Leaving the Rat Race with Python [PDF Free Download]

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Leaving the Rat Race with Python Book (Free PDF Download)

Book: Leaving the Rat Race with Python

Subtitle: How to Nurture, Grow, and Harness Your Work-From-Home Coding Business Online, and Live the Good Life

Authors: Dr. Christian Mayer & Lukas Rieger

Direct download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11cgTvjU8uVYQH0JxEwY-NcnFlJ1Xzw1r/view?usp=sharing

File Format: PDF (100 pages)


This practical how-to book will help you nurture, grow, and harness your new online coding business plant—even if you’ve got little or no experience in both the coding and the business ecosystems.

If you follow the instructions in this book, you’ll make this book the most profitable investment in your life, and you’ll also create new joy, happiness, and a sense of independence and self-reliance.

Table of Contents:

1 Introduction
– Freelancing in the 21st Century

2 Freelancer Report
– Disruption
– Pro vs Cons
– What’s Unique
– Hourly Rate
– 1.1 Million USD
– Code From Home
– What Does It Take

I Overview 
3 Low Risk High Gain
4 Unfair Advantage
5 Earning Considerations
6 Know Your Why
7 Consultants Go Big
8 Freelancers Go Small
9 Join Freelance Platforms
10 Best Freelancing Sites

II Skills
11 Focus on Skill Creation
12 Your Success Habit
13 Earn Trust
14 Money Seeks Specialists
15 Read Programming Books
16 Read Business Books
17 Seek Expert Advice
18 A Simple Heuristic
19 About Timing
20 Practical Training Plan
21 Solve Python Puzzles
22 Learn with Cheats
23 Confidence
24 Start Earning
25 Practical Projects
26 Psychology Tricks
27 Open-Source
28 Non-Programming Skills

III Strategy
29 Freelancer Algorithm
30 Network Effects
31 Return on Invested Effort
32 Don’t Compete on Price
33 Free Float
34 Give
35 Eat Complexity
36 Perform From Your Strengths
37 Be a Specialist
38 Be Hyper-Responsive
39 Be Positive
40 Know Hourly Rate
41 Increase Hourly Rate

IV SystemsΒ 
42 Systems
43 Client List
44 Ad Funnel
45 Leads
46 Testimonial Videos
47 Referral Engine
48 Give and Take
49 Befriend Colleagues
50 On Investing
51 Leave Freelancing Platforms
52 Maximize Control
53 Seek Independence

About the Authors

Dr. Christian Mayer

Founder Finxter.com, Computer Scientist, Blogger, and Freelancer

I just finished working as a doctoral computer science researcher on distributed systems in Germany. As a researcher, I have taught many students in computer science, graph theory, and distributed systems. 

My passions are writing, reading, and coding. But my #1 passion is to serve aspiring coders through Finxter and help them to boost their skills. 

I practice what I preach teaching only tricks I learned from building my own freelance developer business online.

Lukas Rieger

Finxter COO & Instagram Influencer (60k subs), DevOps Engineer, Computer Scientist

After my apprenticeship as a practical coder, I studied software engineering at University of Stuttgart where I worked together with Christian in distributed graph processing research. For the last years, I have been working as a developer and Cloud Operations Engineer.

I discovered my passion for teaching computer science as a coding tutor. With this book, I want to share with you my love for Python — because of its clarity, flexibility, and vast range of libraries!

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Leaving the Rat Race With Python -- An Insider's Guide to Freelance Developing (Table of Contents)

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