Notepad++ How to Toggle Line Wrapping/Breaking?

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⚑ Problem Formulation: In the Notepad++ editor, how to toggle the line wrapping (line break) feature so that long lines do or do not break?

βœ… Answer: Go to the top-level View menu and select the Word wrap option (View > Word wrap) to toggle the line break feature on and off. If Word wrap is selected, you’ll see a small check icon βœ”οΈ on the right of the feature in the View menu. This means that long lines will get broken/wrapped in the editor.

I’ve created a Gif for you so you don’t have to waste any time searching for the option. See here: πŸ‘‡

Here’s the Word wrap option option in a screenshot of my Notepad++ installation before selecting it — the line is displayed as a long scrollable line in the editor:

Now, after selecting Word wrap, the long line is broken (wrapped) in the editor:

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