NumPy Cheat Sheet: The Top 5 Tips and Tricks

Cheat sheets are the 80/20 principles for coding: learn 80% of the features in 20% of the time.

For my “Coffee Break Python” email subscribers, I create a weekly Python cheat sheet. Currently, NumPy is all over the space, so for the launch of my new book “Coffee Break NumPy“, I have created the following NumPy cheat sheet with a few extremely important NumPy tricks.

Download the cheat sheet, print it, and pin it to your toilet (or office) wall!

Where to go from here?

NumPy is full of great tricks that will not only make you a better data scientist but a better Python coder overall.

In my new book “Coffee Break NumPy”, you’ll find many more NumPy tricks that will greatly simplify your code — and earn you the respect of your peers!

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