[NumPy Cheat Sheet] 17 Things Every Data Scientist Should Know About NumPy

Cheating in NumPy? Of course! ?

Cheat sheets are the 80/20 principle applied to learning to coding. Learn 80% of the language features in 20% of the time.

In this NumPy cheat sheet, I have compiled the 17 most important language features with a running example. Download the cheat sheet now, print it, and post it to your toilet wall!

*** Download PDF***

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Bonus: Top 5 Tips and Tricks NumPy Cheat Sheet

What If You Don’t Want to Cheat in NumPy Anymore?

The simple answer is: read more textbooks. In today’s world of “alternative truths”, books possess a special role for the information society: They ensure that there is still high-quality, educational information, which is edited, reviewed, and strengthened through thousands of readers.

That’s why I have coauthored a new NumPy book based on the scientifically proven learning technique “puzzle-based learning”. Check it out!