NVIDIA Product Roadmap (2024)

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What is NVIDIA’s roadmap? YouTube is my go-to learning resource for investment content but it didn’t have a good overview video about NVIDIA’s future product line.

To cover this question, I’ve been working on a new presentation:

NVIDIA Roadmap: Blackwell, GR00T Foundational Models for Humanoids, Omniverse, and AI Factories

In the video, you’ll get a quick overview of these groundbreaking new technologies:

  • GR00T foundational model for humanoid robots (e.g., used by Figure AI and Atlas)
  • Blackwell GB200 and NVLink switch to scale up to 576 GPUs with 130 (!) TB/s bandwidth
  • AI Factories
  • Omniverse and Digital Twins (I call it the NVIDIA Matrix)

Check out the video for more!

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Here’s the slide show from the video:

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