OpenAI Wants Us to Create GPTs, i.e., Miniature AI Agent Helpers

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GPTs are tailored, customized versions of ChatGPT. Everybody can create their own GPTs and publish them for everybody. The idea is to simplify doing all kinds of tasks. We can teach GPTs just by talking to them in natural language — no coding needed!

This is what GPTs look like:

And here’s how you can use the GPT builder at

Here are a couple of examples extracted from the recent talk by Sam Altman:

  • Globe Guru – Discover cultures with AI travel insights.
  • Star Tracker – Night sky exploration with AI assistance.
  • Golf Tracker – AI to improve your golf game.
  • Meditation Guide – Personalized AI meditation and mindfulness coach.
  • Study Buddy – AI-driven personalized study and learning assistant.
  • Hiking Helper – Trail recommendations and safety tips AI.
  • In Style – Fashion trends and advice with AI.
  • Pun Generator – Humorous pun creation using AI.
  • Code Checker – AI for efficient code error detection.
  • Pocket Sommelier – AI wine recommendations for any meal.
  • Racing League – AI to strategize car racing tactics.
  • Repair It – AI guidance for home repairs.
  • Origami Expert – Step-by-step AI origami instructions.
  • Garden Guide – AI advice for gardening and planting.
  • Gift Finder – AI to find perfect gifts.
  • Fantasy Football – AI-powered fantasy football strategy guide.
  • Poker Mentor – AI coaching for poker strategy.
  • Study Buddy – Another AI academic assistance tool.
  • Back Roads – Discover scenic routes with AI.
  • Algebra 101 – AI algebra tutoring and solutions.
  • Cafe Finder – Find cafes nearby with AI.
  • The Professor – AI for academic research and writing.
  • Build a Robot – DIY robot-building with AI guidance.
  • Tree Houses – AI designs for treehouse projects.
  • Text Extractor – AI to extract text from images.
  • Hiking Helper – Safety and route AI for hikers.
  • Pixel Artist – AI-driven pixel art creation tool.
  • Pun Generator – Creative pun crafting with AI.
  • Pocket Sommelier – Your AI wine pairing advisor.
  • Buddy Buddy – AI for social interaction suggestions.
  • Code Checker – AI for debugging and code review.
  • Back Roads – AI to explore less-traveled paths.
  • all the jokes – Endless AI-generated humor.

Opening up user-generated bots is an insane new feature that’ll change the world, much like the app store (GPT store) did for iPhones.

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