OpenAI Whisper Cannot Import Numpy

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The Problem: NumPy Is Missing

If you try to run the Whisper model from OpenAI but encounter an error stating the absence of NumPy, a package crucial for Python’s array computing.

ValueError: Unable to compare versions for numpy>=1.17: need=1.17 found=None. This is unusual. Consider reinstalling numpy.

If you check the NumPy package version, you may run a more recent version than needed — but the error may persist even when trying to uninstall and reinstall NumPy.

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Possible Cause: Python Path Mismatch

The issue might have resulted from a mismatch between the Python version used to install NumPy and the one used to run the Whisper model.

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In Python environments, particularly where multiple versions of Python are installed, pip, the Python package installer, may be associated with a different version of Python than the one being used to execute scripts.

In such cases, installing a package using pip might not make the package available to the Python interpreter being used to run the script.

For instance, in this blog article I show you how to switch your default Python version.

Solution: Navigate and Reinstall

The solution involved navigating to the directory provided by the command

pip show numpy

The result may be something like "/opt/homebrew/lib/python3.10/site-packages".

You may notice that several NumPy-related folders lingering in the directory, even after uninstalling NumPy.

Deleting these folders and reinstalling NumPy using

python3 -m pip install numpy

may resolve the issue, so that the Whisper model can run as expected.

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Analysis: Unresolved Files and Path Discrepancies

The folders that persisted after uninstalling NumPy likely caused the METADATA folder issue, which presented as an error during the attempted reinstallation of NumPy.

These leftover folders might have been due to a faulty uninstallation process, an interruption during the uninstallation, or a corruption in the installation files.

Furthermore, the case indicates that the main issue might not have been the absence of NumPy, but rather a discrepancy in the Python environments.

If different versions of Python are being used, it’s possible that the package was installed for one version but was being called by another.

This highlights the importance of careful environment management when dealing with Python packages. When experiencing issues with package availability, it is worthwhile to verify that the package is installed under the same Python version being used to execute scripts.

For future endeavors, consider using virtual environments when dealing with Python projects, as these can isolate dependencies and prevent conflicting packages. Tools like venv or conda can help manage these environments efficiently.