16 PDF Cheat Sheets for Programmers

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A couple of years ago, I fell into the habit of creating cheat sheets when exploring certain areas in the programming space. Over time, hundreds of thousands of Finxters have downloaded and used them in their own learning journeys.

However, the cheat sheets are largely scattered around many different locations on the Finxter ecosystem. And even though I share all of them with my beloved Finxter community ? of ambitious coders—and subscribers to my free computer science email academy, join us! πŸ™‚—they may not be accessible at all times by all Finxters. Time to change that!

In this article, I collect all Finxter cheat sheets and links to their PDF download locations. Feel free to share it with your hacker friends and coding mates!

?Β Click each image to open the high-resolution PDF in a new tab!

The Ultimate Python Cheat Sheet

This is my absolute favorite cheat sheet because it teaches you the basics of three fundamental cheat sheets that I just condensed into this single one. Look for yourself:

Python Ultimate Cheat Sheet

Python Keywords Cheat Sheet

Python keywords are reserved words with a special meaning. Make sure to understand all of them by heart!

Python Basic Data Types Cheat Sheet

Programming mastery comes from two things: data and functions. This cheat sheet is about the former!

Python Complex Data Types Cheat Sheet

The complex or container data types in Python are lists, sets, dictionary, and tuples. We’ve written an in-depth guide on each of those if the cheat sheet is too shallow for you:

And here’s the cheat sheet:

Python List Methods Cheat Sheet

A big part of mastering lists is to master the methods provided by the list data structure. You can do this in the cheat sheet or in my in-depth course on Python list methods here.

Python Set Methods Cheat Sheet

Let’s move on to one of the most underutilized data structures in Python: sets. They’re far more efficient than lists—if you can handle the reduced expressiveness. You can find all set methods explained in detail in the Finxter Academy course.

Python Set Methods Cheat Sheet

Python Object Orientation Terminology Cheat Sheet

We need to use the right words to communicate effectively with other programmers. This cheat sheet will show you all the words you need to know in object orientation!

Python Classes Cheat Sheet

Let’s really dive into two concepts of object-oriented programming: classes and objects. These things are must-knows for you as an effective programmer!

Python Functions and Tricks Cheat Sheet

I know you like tricks and hacks. Here are some of the most interesting ones! You can also watch me explaining those in a video tutorial here.

CheatSheet Python 5 - Functions and Tricks

Python Interview Questions Cheat Sheet

Let’s get serious! These questions are likely to get asked in a coding interview, so make sure to prepare accordingly!

Python NumPy Cheat Sheet

NumPy is the secret sauce of Python’s data scientists and machine learning engineers. Virtually any framework in the data science space builds on NumPy such as TensorFlow, Pandas, Matplotlib. Figure this out first!

Python Book Simplicity Cheat Sheet

Here’s the cheat sheet about my latest book Simplicity — The Finer Art of Creating Software about how to boost your coding productivity to the next level and beyond. It’ll appear in 2021—so stay tuned!

Python 6 Machine Learning Algorithms Cheat Sheet

A quick and simple cheat sheet with six links to the most important machine learning algorithms. Ready? Set. Go!

Python Support Vector Machines Cheat Sheet

Deep dive into the powerful SVM algorithm that has superior generalization properties and even works in higher-dimensional spaces. Support Vector Machines are beautiful! ?

Python Git Cheat Sheet

Every programmer needs to understand Git. Because Git is at the core of every project’s workflow. Write code and commit it to the big project. As you can’t avoid it anyways, why not master it today?

Git Cheat Sheet

Python Plotly Dash Cheat Sheet

Again a cheat sheet from our new and upcoming book about Plotly Dash. Dash is an exciting framework to create beautiful dashboard applications and host them on the web. Stay tuned to learn about the launch—it’ll be fun!

Python Plotly Dash Cheat Sheet

That’s it for now—I’ll keep updating new cheat sheets as I produce them. Stay tuned to make sure to be informed about each new Cheat Sheet I publish on the Finxter blog.

You can also check out these interesting blog articles about cheat sheets—many with videos:

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