Coffee Break Python


 A Guaranteed Program to Python Mastery


​​Free Daily Habit for Continuous Improvement in Python


  • ​Solve ​100 Python puzzles in various difficulty levels
  • ​Test ​your Python skill level - are you a master coder?
  • ​Learn more efficiently through "practice testing"
  • Enjoy your daily Python ​lesson in the "Coffee Break Python" email series
  • Track your learning progress in the Finxter app
  • ​Compare your skills against 10,000+ Python coders
  • Participate in weekly code contests
  • Download 7+ effective Python cheat sheets

​Become a Professional Coder & Earn Money With Python

$29​7 ​lifetime

  • ​Everything in MASTER, PLUS
  • ​LIFETIME: enjoy the Master plan forever.
  • ​Python Course: Reach Python Freelancer Level in Your Coffee Breaks
  • ​Your individual Python training plan (success guarantee)
  • ​100+ ​bonus puzzles
  • ​Free Book: "Coffee Break Python"
  • Free Book "Coffee Break Python Slicing"
  • BONUS: promote your Python skills on our job board
  • BONUS: your first guaranteed ​mini freelancing job ($25) to get better clients on Upwork

What Our Users Are Saying:

"Finxter has helped me to accelerate my level of capturing data. I'm forever grateful to Finxter."

​Mapenzi - ​Finxter Premium User

"Looking forward to the next coffee break. I love coffee!"

Marla - ​Finxter Premium User

"​The challenges are a fun way to learn and the attached videos are spot on, carefully chosen to enhance our learning. [...] I am confident that if I continue at my current pace, I should be ​[...] well on my way to start accepting real job assignments with real money attached. "

​​Lee - ​Finxter Premium User

"I very appreciate ​your work, keep going!"

​Nermin - ​Finxter Premium User

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