Coffee Break Python Book

Little time to learn Python? Do it in your coffee break! This book uses puzzle-based learning – a scientifically proven system of effective teaching of 21,348 online students. (Paperback, Kindle)

Have you ever been criticised for not writing “Pythonic” code? A common reason for this is a lack of slicing and indexing skills in Python. Resolve this problem, once and for all! This is the most comprehensive resource on learning slicing – and it’s based on the popular puzzle-based learning method used by tens of thousands of ambitious online students. (Paperback, Kindle)

Pyhton Freelancer

Want to be your own boss earning $$$ on the side to provide for your family? Become Python freelancer! This course pushes you to Python freelancer level in 2 months. Included in this course are 2 Python books, a personalized training plan, and LIFETIME download of certificates as a Finxter Premium Member. Get your step-by-step guide now.