This 5-Step Free Python Learning Path Will Unlock Your Coding Superpower [Absolute Beginners]

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In this article, I’ll show you five free resources you can study to reach an intermediate Python level being an absolute beginner. Studying all the resources will take 20-40 hours. But after you’ve completed these steps, you’ll have created yourself a new high-income skill Python development. So, let’s get started!

Step 1: Complete Python Crash Course

The purpose of this tutorial is to help you refresh your knowledge of all the basic Python keywords, data structures, and fundamentals. I wrote it for the intermediate Python programmer who wants to reach the next level of programming expertise.

The way of achieving an expert-level is through studying the basics. Computer science professors usually have an extremely profound knowledge of the basics in their field. This enables them to argue from “first principles” rather than from the state-of-the-art—it’s easier for them to identify research gaps because they know about the ground rules in their field rather than being blinded by the latest technology and state-of-the-art. If you want to reach the next level in coding, take your time and study the basics carefully.

This tutorial provides you with the most important Python basics which serve as a foundation for more advanced topics.

Table of Contents:

Python Keywords
Python Basic Data Structures
Python Container Data Structures
Membership Operator
List and Set Comprehension

Complete full tutorial now: Python Programming Tutorial [+Cheat Sheets]

Step 2: Study Cheat Sheets

Don’t have much time to learn Python? Cheat sheets to the rescue!

Cheat sheets are among the most efficient ways to acquire knowledge. A great cheat sheet focuses on the key learning material and skips the rest. If you read over them every day, you’ll quickly learn all the basics you need to know to master Python.

In this tutorial, we’ll share the top 11 Python cheat sheets with you. Download them, print them, put them on your wall and watch your Python skills grow!

Complete full tutorial now: [Collection] 11 Python Cheat Sheets Every Python Coder Must Own

Step 3: Solve Python Puzzles to Discover Your True Skill Level

Python Puzzle Discover

Do you belong to the top 50% of Python coders? This article poses you 10 intermediate-level Python puzzles to test yourself. By solving all 10 Python puzzles and tracking your success rate, you will discover your exact Python skill level.

How to do this? The idea of solving rated Python puzzles to measure your skill level is inspired by the Elo rating system in chess. Two chess players play against each other fighting for Elo rating points. If you have collected enough points, you can become a chess grandmaster. We transformed this idea to Python coding: you play against the Python puzzle. If you solve it (=you win), you get points – but if you don’t, you lose points.

The Python puzzles and the test originate from our experience of teaching 23,464 online students at (It’s free.)

You have read this far – you have skin in the game. Hereby, I officially challenge you to take the test and prove to yourself that you, indeed, belong to the top-50% of Python coders.

But first things first:

What is a Python Puzzle?

A Python puzzle is an educative snippet of Python source code that teaches a single computer science concept by activating the learner’s curiosity and involving them in the learning process.

Complete full tutorial now: Solve 10 Python Puzzles to Discover Your True Skill Level

Step 4: Master Python Data Structures

Data structures are at the heart of every algorithm. Understanding data structures is the secret weapon of master coders. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the three most important Python data structures!

Complete full tutorials now:

Step 5: Master the Single Line of Code

Python Ternary Operator

You cannot understand any advanced code base without understanding the single line. Mastering the single line is at the heart of any non-trivial Python project.

You may ask: what is a Pyhton one-liner anyway?

A Python one-liner is a snippet of code that solves a problem in a single line.

In this resource, you will find 50 (!) one-liner videos. Watch all of them so that you truly have mastered everything there is to know about the single line of Python code. As a result, you’ll truly master an essential skill that will prove valuable throughout your career!

Complete full tutorial now:

Where to Go From Here

If you’ve studied all the tutorials I proposed in this article, you should now be able to solve practical code projects by yourself. This is how you reach expert level. Close the room, turn off your smartphone, and dive into your dream practical code project in Python!

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