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Brain Games Python

​99 Brain Teasers to Energize Your Brain Cells and Python Logic Skills

​The Groundbreaking New Puzzle Book That

  • ​Revives Your Brain Cells
  • ​Boosts Your Computational Intelligence
  • Launches Your Programming Skills in Python

​... Even If You Have Zero Programming Experience!

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Brain Games Python Book

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You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you feel overwhelmed ​or too challenged by the puzzles, you don't enjoy reading the book, or you just want to screw us over, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

​​​We Want to Help You Thrive in ​Coding!

​Christian Mayer

​Author Finxter.com

​​As a doctoral computer science researcher, I have taught many students in computer science, graph theory, and distributed systems. 

My passions are writing, reading, and coding. But my #1 passion is to serve you​ -- as an aspiring coder​ -- through Finxter, and help ​you boost ​your ​coding skills. 

​Zohaib Riaz

​Software Developer

​I have recently completed my doctoral research in Computer Science at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. Most of my research work involved mining of ​human location datasets using machine-learning algorithms in Python and MATLAB.

​I want to help you master difficult technical concepts​ and would love to share ​with you my knowledge and skills regarding programming and data-mining.

​Lukas Rieger

​Cloud Operations Engineer

​​After my apprenticeship as a practical ​coder, ​I studied ​software ​engineering at University of Stuttgart​ where I worked together with Christian in distributed graph processing research. For the last years, I have been working as a developer and Cloud Operations Engineer​.

I discovered my passion for teaching computer science ​as a ​coding tutor. ​With this book, I want to share with you my love for Python ​-- because of its clarity, flexibility, and ​vast range of libraries!

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​​Includes our Finxter ​60-day money-back guarantee (and keep the book!)

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