Python Freelancers: From Local Tutoring to Global Seminars

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In this article, I want to give you an alternative perspective of how you can earn money with Python.

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It quickly became obvious to me that most upcoming Python freelancers have a very limited perspective of how they can bring value to the marketplace. They think in terms of finishing software projects for companies. That’s it.

But this is not the only route to take as a Python freelancer. An attractive industry is often overlooked: creating your own education business.

In your city today, there is a small percentage of people who want to learn Python. It may be 1% or 10% but it’s a significant number of people.

If you are the born teacher, you should consider starting out your career as a Python freelance teacher. Start with 1-on-1 education. Use Craigslist, Facebook groups, or the job board at your local university to find students who you can teach—even if you are just starting out yourself. You only need to be one step ahead. Your student will appreciate that you are able to take their perspective.

As you learn and become better, you can gradually increase your “class sizes” until you offer full-fledged seminars. I’ve seen people (e.g. the German Python seminar teacher B. Klein) who’ve done exactly that and now earn $400 per seminar student—and they have dozens of students per seminar.

A great bonus is that as you create your local seminar business, you can gradually collect Python learning material and publish it online to create a more and more scalable online business that exists independently of your own time.

To supplement your income, you can also register on an online tutoring site to educate people online as a Python tutor.

A clear road to success: your Python freelancing finances your education and your scalable online business creation.

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