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Video 5: Are You Too Young to Become a Freelance Developer?

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Video 14: How Long Does It Take To Become A Python Developer

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Video 18: Freelance Programmer -- When To Start Taking Projects?

Video 19: You Are Stuck in Coding! ... And Why Nobody Tells You

Video 20: How to Learn Python Faster?

Video 21: Programmer Procrastination: Best Hack From Bevahioral Psychology

Video 22: Don't Think in Terms of Resumes as a Coder -- Do This Instead!

Video 23: How to Get Clients as a Python Freelancer? A Guide For Noobs

Video 24: Why Most Coders Fail Riding the Curve of Continuous Improvement

Video 25: Why You Should Offer Your Services For Free as a New Freelance Developer?

Video 26: Where Should You Live as a Freelance Developer?

Video 27: Don't Compete For Price as a Self-Employed Developer!

Video 28: How to Create a Barrier of Entry Running a Software Business

Video 29: Focus on One Thing. But What's the Thing?

Video 30: [Python Freelancer] You Are in The People Business (Not in the Coding Business)!

Video 31: How to Get Passive Income as a Programmer with Blogging?

Video 32: Passive Income as a (Python) Coder: 3 Simple Ideas

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