Python Version Anaconda

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Open Terminal: On Windows, start Anaconda by searching for "Anaconda Prompt" and click the first result. On Linux and macOS, just open the terminal or shell. Then run either of the following commands, depending on what you want to do.

Python Anaconda Version:

  • To check your Python version in Anaconda, run python -V or python --version
  • To check your conda version, run conda -V or conda --version
  • To check the Anaconda version, run conda list anaconda$
  • To check the Python version in a conda environment, run conda list python -f
  • To check the versions of all packages installed in your conda environment, run conda list
  • To check environment details of your conda installation, run conda info

Here’s a table for your reference:

python --versionCheck Python version in Anaconda
conda --versionCheck conda version in Anaconda
conda list anaconda$Check Anaconda version
conda list python -fCheck Python version in conda environment
conda listGet all package versions in conda environment
conda infoGet environment details of conda installation
Table: Python Anaconda Version

Note that the $ symbol at the end of the conda list anaconda$ command is a regular expression that ensures that the searched package ends with "anaconda". This prevents from other results coming up that only have the name "anaconda" in them.

Help: In case you need help about any particular command, append the --help flag to that command. For example, conda info --help will print the help page to the conda info command.

Updating Anaconda

Do you want to update the Anaconda distribution?

First, update the package manager:

conda update conda

Second, update the meta-package:

conda update anaconda

Wait for the updates to terminate to obtain the latest Anaconda distribution.

Do you want the latest existing version of all installed packages? Run the following command:

conda update --all


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