Python Version End-of-Live (EOL)

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Check Python Version

You can check your Python version by running python ‐‐version in your terminal or command line.

$ python ‐‐version
Python 3.9.5

End of Life Python Versions (Table)

But when does security support for your Python version end? To learn about the end-of-life of different Python versions, check out the following table:

VersionReleasedSecurity Support (EOL)
3.905 Oct 2020Ends 05 Oct 2025
3.814 Oct 2019Ends 14 Oct 2024
3.727 Jun 2018Ends 27 Jun 2023
3.623 Dec 2016Ends 23 Dec 2021
3.530 Sep 2015Ends 13 Sep 2020
3.416 Mar 2014Ends 18 Mar 2019
3.329 Sep 2012Ends 29 Sep 2017
2.703 Jul 2010Ends 01 Jan 2020
Table: EOL Python Versions

To summarize:

What is the Security Support Lifespan (EOL) of Python Versions?

Each Python version is officially supported by the Python Software Foundation, the organization behind the Python programming language (please support them to foster innovation!).

During the lifespan of a Python version, it will receive bug fixes approximately every two months for 18 months. After that, only security updates will be released for 5 years. So, the lifespan of full Python version with regards to security support is approximately five years.

You can still use the Python version afterwards. However, it’s not recommended as known security issues won’t necessarily get fixed after the end-of-life period.

“The code base for a release cycle which has reached end-of-life status is frozen and no longer has a branch in the repo. The final state of the end-of-lifed branch is recorded as a tag with the same name as the former branch, e.g. 3.3 or 2.6.” Devguide

Active Branches

So, which are the branches that are currently under development? You can find those here (source):

BranchScheduleStatusFirst releaseEnd-of-life
mainPEP 664features2022-10-032027-10
3.10PEP 619prerelease2021-10-042026-10
3.9PEP 596bugfix2020-10-052025-10
3.8PEP 569security2019-10-142024-10
3.7PEP 537security2018-06-272023-06-27
3.6PEP 494security2016-12-232021-12-23

To keep your Python secure and efficient, make sure to regularly update your Python by following our detailed guide:

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