This Dirt-Cheap Email Marketing Service May Save You $1000+ Every Month (100k+ Subs)

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I run the Finxter email list with more than 150,000 subscribers at the time of writing. It is one of the most significant cost factors in my business.

I love communicating with subscribers — but I definitely don’t love the cost pressure it injects into the business. If you pay multiple thousands of USD per month for an email service, you’re forced to tilt your emails towards sales — which can significantly harm the trust and opening rates of your list.

If you, like me, want to remain largely independent of the cost pressures introduced by hosting an extensive email list with north of 100k subs, you’ll definitely be enjoying this table that I created for myself.

My Recommendations: *Flodesk (-50% OFF) or Sendy

The following table is sorted by price with the cheapest email service ranked #1. I thought sharing it may help some of my colleagues with large lists, so I didn’t want to hold it back. I added my affiliate link for the winner service Flodesk because it gets you -50% off in the first year.

πŸ’‘Note: Normally, I don’t do affiliate marketing, but it seems to be the only way to get you the discount so I added the link. But I don’t get a lot of money from this anyways (only $19 per signup which is practically nothing given that I don’t expect many people to read this — most don’t have large email lists anyways).

Here’s the table of email services from low to high costs — the pricing is only a rough estimate. As € and $ are almost at the same rate, I basically ignored them for my research ($=€).

150,000 subs / 1M emails300,000 subs / 2M emails600,000 subs / 4M emails
Flodesk59,00 € (πŸ‘‰ 29,50€ first year)59,00 € (πŸ‘‰ 29,50€ first year)59,00 € (πŸ‘‰ 29,50€ first year)
FluentCRM109,00 €218,00 €536,00 €
Sendy109,00 €218,00 €536,00 €
Mailrelay363,00 €630,00 €1.050,00 €
Zoho Campaigns400,00 €776,00 €1.300,00 €
MailerLite448,00 €856,00 €1.680,00 €
Sendinblue499,00 €898,20 €1.616,76 €
GetResponse500,00 €(custom)(custom)
Sparkpost525,00 €945,00 €1.701,00 €
MadMimi549,00 €1.049,00 €1.500,00 €
Mailgun650,00 €1.250,00 €2.000,00 €
KlickTipp750,00 €1.500,00 €2.300,00 €
Postmark775,00 €995,00 €1.295,00 €
Mailpoet900,00 €1.620,00 €2.916,00 €
Sendgrid900,00 €(custom)(custom)
Mailchimp1.144,00 €2.059,20 €3.706,56 €
ConvertKit1.179,00 €2.179,00 €(custom)
Sendlane1.540,00 €3.575,00 €6.600,00 €
Drip1.699,00 €3.058,20 €5.504,76 €
Campaign Monitor(custom)(custom)(custom)
Constant Contact(custom)(custom)(custom)
SG Autorepondeur(francais – not cheap)(francais – not cheap)(francais – not cheap)
Ontraport(no data)(no data)(no data)
Mandrill(not available)(not available)(not available)
Sendfox(not available)(not available)(not available)
HubSpot(way to expensive)(way to expensive)(way to expensive)

The last couple of rows from Active Campaign to Hubspot are all way too expensive and intransparent with custom pricing, needing to contact sales, and everything terrible. I definitely don’t recommend them.

That’s already it. I hope you got as much value out of it as I did! β™₯️