The 3 Best Ways to Make Money From Quora

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The popular (and addictive) Question and Answer Site Quora is not just a hobby. There are many people earning serious money with it.

Affiliate Marketing

This guy earns money by including affiliate links into his answers. Read his excellent Quora answer to learn more about this way of earning money with affiliate links.

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Deal Flow

Watch Gordon Miller at Quora. He is crushing it. He doesn’t earn direct money from Quora but as an investor, he is constantly searching for new deals. Quora gives him deal flow!

Read Gordon Miller's answer to If the Quora founders had approached Gordon Miller or Ali Al-Shamsi for funding, how would they have responded back when it launched, and right now? Are there other ROI besides monetary results you consider when investing? on Quora

Quora Partner

This Quora user was invited to become Quora partner. The earnings are quite limited though—but read yourself:

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