The Battle Between Centralization and Decentralization in Tech

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Once upon a time, I was a distributed systems researcher specializing in graph partitioning algorithms. Those were thrilling days, though I must admit I didn’t enjoy the daily commute and the time away from my family.

During that period, I delved deep into classic distributed systems conundrums like the Byzantine Generals Problem. When I discovered that Bitcoin—a peer-to-peer monetary system—offered a practical solution, I was excited.

My colleagues and I would spend hours over lunch breaks dissecting and discussing this groundbreaking resolution.

If you’re curious about this captivating problem and its ingenious solution, don’t miss today’s Finxter blog tutorial:

🪙 [Blog] How Bitcoin Solves the Byzantine Generals Problem

It’s a remarkable technical triumph that proves no challenge is insurmountable for dedicated and driven individuals. Just look at the success of Bitcoin—an anonymous coder created the 21st most capitalized currency in the world!

In the world of tech, we witness an ongoing battle between two formidable forces:


Giant 1 – Leviathan. This force represents the powerful centralization trends and winner-take-most economies in the tech and machine learning industries. Think big tech, big government, and big brother—those with the best data sets win.


Giant 2 – Atomos. This symbolizes the ever-strengthening decentralized infrastructures and systems, such as Bitcoin and decentralized social networks like PeerBrain. Atomos represents everyday coders like you and me. Derived from the ancient Greek word for “uncuttable” or “indivisible,” Atomos signifies the countless small, independent entities in a decentralized system.

I’m thankful for recent advancements in AI, as they’ll propel humanity toward hyper-efficiency and uncharted heights. Yet, I also appreciate the existence of counterbalancing forces like the indomitable Atomos, redistributing power from the few back to the many.

Decentralized money, energy production, and social networks are just the beginning of this promising trend, and its potential is immense!

If you’re eager to contribute to the growth of Atomos, consider checking out the Uniswap Automated Finance for Blockchain Engineers course. While the Ethereum ecosystem isn’t entirely decentralized yet, it could be—and that would serve as an effective countermeasure to centralized platforms.

We need more builders!

“A democracy is only as resilient as its people. An informed and engaged citizenry is the bedrock of a healthy democracy.”

The same holds true for decentralization!

To your success! 🚀

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