The Best Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Freelancing Platforms

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Can you earn money for cryptocurrencies? With the increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cardano, the question naturally arise: can you sell your services for cryptocurrencies BTC, ETH, or ADA instead of USD, EUR, or CHF? The answer is: YES. And it gets better: the main idea of the blockchain is to decentralize control and democratization of platforms. Upwork, Fiverr, and co. currently charge 20-30% “private tax” on their platforms. The best freelancing platforms that run on the blockchain charge no such fees! TLDR; More Money in your pocket! ?

Sponsored: Next-level businesses such as Microstrategy, Tesla, and Coinbase hold a portion of their treasury reserves in Bitcoin—the hardest, most decentralized, most secure asset in the world. As a freelancer, you need treasury reserve assets yourself because winter is coming! More and more freelancers save their own small treasury reserves in Bitcoin to protect against inflation and make their businesses more antifragile. Do you want to buy Bitcoin with your credit or debit card? Paybis is your friend because they offer a simple way to buy Bitcoin with low fees—and without all the fluff you find on many other exchanges.

Okay, but before you can think about your treasury reserve asset as a freelancer, you first must earn some money. So, what are the best blockchain-powered freelancing platforms that help you do that?

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“Ethlance is running on the Ethereum public blockchain, therefore you’ll need the MetaMask browser extension to be able to make changes into the blockchain.”

  • 0% service fees! Compare this to 20-30% taken by Upwork and Fiverr!
  • Fully decentralized on blockchain! No external control — this platform is owned by the blockchain!
  • No third-party costs, ads, or gig restrictions.

A truly great project. You can actually check out the GitHub project and see how it is implemented. It’s really trustworthy and I see only one problem today—the network effects still haven’t kicked in so the platform is not very populated with gigs, at least compared to Fiverr and Upwork. This is bound to change though given the massive advantages for freelancers and clients!


“Millions of dollars flow into projects on Gitcoin. Earn by participating in sponsored hackathons, bounties, and funded community grants.”

  • 3 ways to earn money on Gitcoin: for bounties, through sponsored hackathons, or through grant funding.
  • Focused on software and programming-related gigs.
  • No own token—you can get paid in different cryptocurrencies.

Gitcoin is a trustworthy project in the open web—focused around the Blockchain ecosystem. It’s even possible to contribute technical articles and materials, and the hackathons are a lot of fun! A mature and credible platform to earn your coin!


While this platform looks very active, there are not many clients. It is a client’s market meaning that if you want to hire cheap talent, it may be a great platform (although you have to plough through tons of cheap freelancer offerings). However, it doesn’t look like an attractive platform for freelancers who want to get valued for the work they’re doing.

They even have their own token which saw a drastic decrease in price:

We still feature this site here because it is a low-barrier-to-entry opportunity to gain some experience—much like However, it should not be the ultimate freelancing platform you plan to succeed on.


“We are dedicated to helping freelancers and companies rethink how to do business. Zero fees for basic usage – post a job in under a minute and find the perfect freelancer. As a freelancer, take advantage of our escrow, reputation and dispute systems – and enjoy your peace of mind.”

  • Smart-contract powered solution.
  • Pay in bitcoin, ethereum, aeternity, stable coin or other cryptocurrencies.
  • Loans available via SmartCredit

They even did an ICO, you can check out the cryptotask coin here.

The landscape is quickly changing. If you have any updates on this, let us know! However, we’ll only include reputable freelancing platforms to this article.

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Where to Go From Here?

Freelancing is the future of work, without any doubt. If you think about it, being employed is just a special form of being a freelancer. Your employment contract is just more long-term. However, more and more companies will hire people on a per-project basis. If you position yourself early in this trend, embrace it, you can ride this wave as it becomes a major economic force in our world!

Combining it with smart contracts and cryptocurrencies to truly democratize the organization of the world’s talents is a genius idea in my opinion and I hope the freelancing platforms that offer the fairest and most honest service succeed!

To learn more about how to become a successful freelance developer on any platform (strategies and tactics), check out the Finxter Python Freelancer Course which is the #1 freelancer course in the world focused on the Python programming language—and probably beyond that as well! ?