5 Brag-Worthy Python Projects

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Hacking Alexa’s Voice Recordings

After David’s mother passed away, he wanted to hear her voice again. As she used Amazon Alexa, he figured, he could download the voice recordings from the Alexa device. But Amazon didn’t provide an interface for it.

Fortunately he found this project online:

[Cool Project] Hacking Alexa’s Voice Recordings

After following the instructions he was able to download the voice recordings from his mum and sent this gem to the creator of the code:

Clearly, this Python script has made the world a better place!

Automate the Boring Stuff with Python Tinder

Sweeping left and right can become quite a tedious task! Well, why not automate the boring stuff?

The code shown in this video is quite simple—but it could be extended and improved-upon by training a neural network to account for the individual preferences of the profile owner.

Smart Mirror in Python

The following project is one I found when browsing Reddit. It uses the Tkinter library for visualization and scrapes different data such as weather data and News from the web. You can check out our web scraping course on the Finxter Academy to learn this subskill.

Here’s a bit of context from the author of this project:

For  some more context this is a project I have been working on for about 2 months around full time studies, mirror display is all made using the  tkinter library and each frame has its own looping function to  continuously update, has date, time, weather at my location, BBC news  headlines, if Leicester city football club are playing it'll display the  live score in the middle, if my face is detected my uni schedule  displays, if my girlfriend's face is detected it logs in to her work  website and fetches and displays her work timetable, calendar event  system at the bottom continuously updated and loops through upcoming  events, more events can be added through voice control, music can be  streamed from YouTube with voice control, will tell you the output of  flipping a coin through voice control and can do calculations through  voice control. Total spend on hardware was about Β£150.

A related project based on a Raspberry Pie has been done by The Smart Home Ninja:

Do-it-yourself - Want to make your own voice-controlled Smart Mirror with Google Assistant?

Yet another project on Github is this one that actually uses Python, Pandas, and a couple of other third-party libraries to get some weather data etc. It is actually not that hard to implement your own smart mirror—just check out all resources given here, decide for one, and follow the instructions. My preference would be the Github project because it is well-documented and easy to understand for a Python coder.

Art Drawing Mona Lisa with Circles

This project trains a machine learning model to draw any image using a “circle evolution” algorithm. The project creator actually created a Github library for this, so you can try it out easily in your own script.

Click on image to see a video visualization.

The code to run this is relatively simple (source):

from circle_evolution import evolution
from circle_evolution import helpers
import numpy as np
import cv2

target = helpers.load_target_image("Mona Lisa 64.jpg", size=(64, 64))
e = evolution.Evolution(target, genes=256)



np.savetxt("Checkpoint.txt", e.specie.genotype)
cv2.imwrite("OuputImage.jpg", e.specie.phenotype)

As you see, the code relies on the NumPy and the OpenCV libraries. Both are crucial for your success as a data scientist and you can check out academy courses here:

🌍 Recommended Tutorial: How to Plot a Circle in Python?

AI Learns to Race

In this Python-based simulation, the agents train themselves to improve their speed and performance over time. Really fascinating! The artificial neural network model learns to drive a car on a track.

This is a two-dimensional simulation using pyglet. You can check out this ANN on Github!

In the Github project, they also show how the performance of the cars improves over time—training makes perfection!

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