The Grass is Always Green

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Many people today practice a weird habit: they are unfocused—jumping from one opportunity to the other. One day they do drop-shipping, the next day they start a blog, the next day they start a YouTube channel. The grass is always greener on the other side.

Unfortunately, because of the nature of business, there is no other outcome than failure in all their endeavors. If it were that easy to start a successful business in a few days or even weeks, everybody would do it and it would quickly become saturated. Oftentimes, you need to push through market resistance showing a level of persistence that most other people would never consider healthy. You need to focus instead of diverting your energy.

The Grass is Always Green

Imagine you would stop doing all those things and focus on only one thing. It may be coding, blogging, or YouTube videos. But only one thing.

Now, you think about this niche. Are there people who are crushing it in this niche? For sure there are. In the coding niche, top coders focus on coding and earn $10,000 per hour. In the blogging niche, top bloggers earn $100,000 per month doing just this: blogging. In any niche you can imagine, the top guys are crushing it.

The top 1% of coders, bloggers, or writers are all multi-millionaires.

Just follow the advice of Warren Buffet: exclude everything that is not your #1 goal. Develop intense focus on one thing. After a few years, you will join the top 20% of people, then the top 10%, then the top 1%. And you’ll crush it in your niche. You just need to be strategic—it doesn’t matter what you do. You just need to focus on producing in this ONE area. It’s a sure way of becoming successful. But you need to avoid changing your decision at all costs.

Is Coding Your One Thing?

Decide now. Don’t do anything else if you can avoid it.

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