The New Era of Capital – Why Being a Good Worker Doesn’t Cut It Anymore

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The economy is capital and labor.

Historically, intelligent labor has been the limiting factor.

With the rise of LLMs, generative AI, and robotics, labor is poised to become infinitely scalable.

The bottleneck of intelligent labor is now resolved.

Each time we remove a bottleneck from a system, a new bottleneck emerges.

The new bottleneck in our economy is capital.

You want to own the machines, robots, production capacity, stocks, and monetary goods.

In other words: don’t focus on becoming an intelligent laborer. Focus on acquiring assets and production capacity, even if it means taking out debt or leverage. You must own scarcity and equity to stay on the right side of change.

The game is a new one: it’s not about being a good worker, putting in long hours, going to university, and studying for 20 years to obtain an academic degree. It’s about making as much money as early as possible (even working for McDonald’s without a degree) and putting that money into assets that benefit from change.

Think Tesla stock, FANG stocks, technological ETFs, NVidia, scarce and desirable real estate, production capacity, or crypto monetary networks.