The Workforce Disruption of the 21st Century

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You may be interested in creating your own (side-) coding business online.

The world has changed. Today, freelancing is THE most suitable way of organizing, managing, and delivering talents to creators in the 21st century.

Here’s how freelancing impacts every aspect of my professional life today:

  • I work as a freelancer myself. This was how I created, funded, and grew my beloved Finxter online business.
  • I hire freelancers for Finxter. The more Finxter grows, the more I rely on freelancers to create more value for my users.
  • I host the most comprehensive Python freelancer course in the world. This is my way of centralizing and sharing (but also learning from) the expertise of professionals all over the world.

As you see, my online business would have never been possible in its current form (and scale) without leveraging the efficiency gains of freelancing.

How can you use freelancing to your advantage?

Before freelancing became popular, large corporations practically owned the monopoly for exploiting the benefits of globalized labor.

Today, every small business owner can access the global pool of talents. This way, new arbitrage opportunities open up for every small business owner who seizes them.

This has great benefits for both, the business owners AND the freelancers (and the people who, like me, work on both sides of the equation).

You can buy and sell freelancing services at the same time!

“Becoming a freelancer truly is an exciting way of growing your business skills, participating in the new economy, learning new technologies, practicing your communication expertise, learning how to sell and market your skills, and earning more and more money on the side.”

The freelancer disruption will make the world much more efficient.

Where to go from here?

If you haven’t checked out the Python freelancer course, do it now. If you already bought the course, sign in and study the new videos.

The course is a constantly improving organism with plenty of new material such as practical code projects explained by real Upwork freelancers (I hired them ;).

  • If you’d cold start your freelancer career without building upon the experience of those professionals, you’d lose thousands of dollars in revenue.
  • If you’d hire the freelancers yourself to share their experiences with you personally, you’d also lose thousands of dollars because of higher spending.

Fortunately, the course makes it possible to share these costs among hundreds of aspiring Python freelancers. The course truly pays for itself:

** Check out the (new and updated) Python freelancer course now … **

… and join the new workforce of the 21st century!

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