This Python Puzzle Makes You Healthier

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I’m not a (medical) doctor. But many studies show that a high level of Omega 3 in your blood leads to a longer and healthier life: “Higher circulating individual and total [Omega 3] levels are associated with lower total mortality.” [1]

But which foods do contain the highest levels of Omega 3?

Solve this Python puzzle to find out!

# Omega 3 (mg per 100g)
omega3_table = {
    "Salmon" : 2260,
    "Hering" : 1729,
    "Sardines" : 1480,
    "Flaxseeds" : 53400,
    "Eggs" : 400

y = sorted(omega3_table, 
    key=lambda x : omega3_table[x])

What’s the one food with the highest levels of Omega-3?

A single tablespoon of the winner food is all you need every day to improve your odds of living a longer and healthier life.

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