Is There a WordPress Shortcut to Format Selected Text as Inline Code?


⚑ Problem Formulation: If you’re a coder writing articles on WordPress, you often have to make selected text inline_code. The standard approach is to select the text, click the small “v” symbol to expand the formatting options, and choose “Inline code” from the dropdown menu. But this is cumbersome if you have large amounts of text.

So the question arises: How do you make selected WordPress text inline code using a shortcut rather than the dropdown menu?

First let’s have a look at the standard approach without using the shortcut — choosing from the dropdown menu involves several steps:

Okay, so now here’s the solution that helped me greatly when I finally discovered it after years of writing programming content and thousands of articles. If only I had found this earlier! πŸ₯²


πŸ₯³ Solution: The shortcut to make selected text inline is hitting SHIFT + ALT + X all at once after selecting the text to be made inline.


This works beautifully on Windows, Firefox, and the latest WordPress version. It should work on all major browsers because it’s a WordPress feature, not a browser or operating system solution.