Three Skills Towards Becoming a Distributed System Engineer

Want to master distributed systems? But you don’t know how? Start by watching this video:

What I want to ask you is how to gain knowledge on distributed systems. What courses or materials should be referred to?

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In short: If you are just starting out as a distributed systems engineer, you should start with learning these three basic skills:

  1. Mastery of Remote Machine Access (e.g. ssh).
  2. Understanding of ACID Transactions and Consistency (Multiprocessing)
  3. Understanding of Divide and Conquer Algorithms.

Go ahead and click the five links provided in the list—they all lead to Wikipedia pages. Then, try to get some practice and rent an Amazon EC2 machine with which you can play around.

Congratulations, you’ve made serious progress towards distributed systems mastery with only free tools!

Distributed Systems Engineer Income

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