Top 10 Amazing Practical Tasks You Can Do With ChatGPT

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Artificial intelligence products have rapidly gained popularity in recent years, providing us with impressive tools such as AI writing, text-to-image generators, and self-portraits. And now, ChatGPT, a chatbot using AI technology, is capturing the attention of the internet. Wondering what practical benefits ChatGPT could provide? Check out these 10 practical tasks to do with ChatGPT.

#1 Create recipes

Discover a fun feature of ChatGPT – it can whip up delicious recipes tailored to your preferences, ingredients, and dietary needs! Just give it some basic info on what kind of dish you want to create, such as the cuisine style or main ingredients, and it will provide a step-by-step recipe with ingredient quantities and cooking tips.

I recently challenged ChatGPT to come up with a cocktail recipe featuring Swedish meatballs and whiskey. Despite the unusual request, ChatGPT delivered and even gave the drink a catchy name – “The Smokey Meatball Swizzle”. Though I personally prefer the name “Meatball Manhattan”.

#2 Quickly write a resume

Are you tired of endlessly tailoring your resume and cover letter for each job application? Well, ChatGPT has a rapid solution for you. In just seconds, ChatGPT can create a personalized resume that suits specific job postings. Check out the sample tech writer job application resume that ChatGPT provided. And if you’re applying for a web developer role at a fashion design firm, ChatGPT can also quickly generate cover letters to fit your needs. Say goodbye to the stress of customizing documents for job applications and say hello to ChatGPT.

#3 Free virtual travel guide

Discover your next travel destination with ChatGPT, your virtual travel guide. Get insider knowledge, advice, and recommendations on the best spots to visit. While our database is currently up to 2021, we can still offer valuable insights into local customs, cuisines, and more to enhance your trip.

#4 Solve tricky math problems

ChatGPT excels in solving a wide range of math problems, from complex algebraic equations to tricky arithmetic calculations. To get accurate and efficient results, it’s essential to present your problems in a clear and concise manner. To demonstrate ChatGPT’s abilities, we tested it with a simple yet challenging math problem, and the answer was impressive.

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#5 Compose music

ChatGPT may not compose music or generate audio files, but it can help you with other aspects of music creation, such as writing lyrics, structuring songs, and suggesting chord progressions. No matter what genre you’re into, ChatGPT can offer expert advice to refine your work further, from brainstorming ideas for melodies and harmonies to answering specific musical questions. 

I recently asked ChatGPT for suggestions on chord progressions for a jazz piece that I’m working on in E-flat minor. Using the i – iv – VII7 – III7 – V7 – i(9) chord progression as its recommendation, ChatGPT suggested experimenting with chord extensions, substitutions, and alterations. This approach gives depth to the piece and helps it stand out.

#6 Get help with meditation and mindfulness exercises

ChatGPT is the perfect companion for meditation enthusiasts. With clear instructions and support, you can enjoy mindfulness exercises like a pro. For instance, you can easily follow a five-minute mindful breathing exercise with step-by-step guidance from ChatGPT. If you would like more options, just ask ChatGPT for suggestions on different types of meditation or mindfulness exercises.

#7 Write, debug, and explain code

As a programmer, debugging can be frustrating. But fear not, ChatGPT is here to make things easier for you regardless of your expertise level. With ChatGPT, you can locate the problem in your code without wasting hours trying to find a tiny mistake. Additionally, you can create entire functional code snippets from start to finish. However, it’s important to note that deploying ChatGPT code to a production server may not be the best decision.

#8 Get a personal stylist

Looking for fashion advice? AI may not be able to physically style you yet, but it can help with outfit ideas, color combinations, and accessorizing. You can also get tips on what to wear for specific occasions. Just share some personal details like your style preferences, body type, and any specific requirements. Recently, I told ChatGPT I needed ideas for a Nintendo-themed party outfit that incorporated the company’s corporate colors. The suggestions it gave were impressively detailed!

#9 Play a text-based RPG

Looking for an immersive text-based role-playing game? Look no further than ChatGPT! Our platform allows you to respond to prompts and make choices in a variety of scenarios. You can either let us create the game’s setting, or provide a detailed explanation yourself. 

One satisfied customer requested a game set on a hostile planet where they’re the only survivor of a crashed crew. With limited resources and an ultimate goal of returning home, this game was a smashing success thanks to ChatGPT’s expert game creation.

#10 Write poetry

Get a personalized poem on any topic from ChatGPT! Whether you want a specific style, mood, or theme, just give the basic information to ChatGPT and watch it work its magic. For example, I provided ChatGPT with the plot of Mario rescuing Zelda and Princess Peach running away with Luigi and requested a Walt Whitman-style free verse poem, which it effortlessly delivered. Plus, it even created a haiku variant upon request! So, let ChatGPT unleash your imagination with a striking poem.


ChatGPT is an incredibly versatile AI platform. From creating music and poetry to helping you solve programming problems and finding fashion advice, it does it all! Plus, its conversational interface makes it easier than ever to utilize the power of AI in your daily life. Try ChatGPT today and see what wonders await you!

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