Top 7 GPTs Created by Finxters

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GPTs are versions of ChatGPT enhanced with additional data, APIs, or custom contexts and prompts. I believe opening GPTs creation to the community will be as historic as Apple’s creation of the App Store. Just as ordinary coders became millionaires by developing iPhone apps, we might see prompt engineers achieving similar success by creating GPTs for the OpenAI store.

Here are seven ideas from the Finxter community for inspiration – try them out!

GPT 1: Abominable Snowman – I’ll Give you a Ski Resort, You Give me Snow Conditions

Matt lives in Denver, so he created a GPT that helps people get snow conditions and recommendations for ski resorts, called Abominable Snowman

This is a fantastic GPT that accesses third-party websites to automatically create a snow report for the location you’re asking it for:

This amazing idea can be generalized to all kinds of GPTs! πŸ’ͺ Greatly done, Matt!

πŸ”— Try It Yourself:

GPT 2: Giggles Grim – Pessimistic News AI with Dark Humor

Marcel created this fun GPT with the basic premise of being a pessimistic AI reading current news and viewing it through the lens of a cynic.

It’s a fun idea that shows you how GPTs are about to disrupt the news industry as well with its own take on recent information:

πŸ”— Try It Yourself:

GPT 3: Floyd Corner – AI-Powered Insurance Expert

Bernard created this GPT so users can upload their insurance policy and raise specific questions. Instead of reading the whole policy, users can just ask questions like:

  • Does my car policy cover Bosnia?
  • When should I pay my insurance?
  • What is the tenor of my insurance?

πŸ”— Try It Yourself:

GPT 4: Recovers Counselor – Addiction Recovery

As an IT specialist at the Institute for Addiction Diseases, Emir has been working on something pretty cool: the GPT Counselor.

It’s designed to help people recover from addiction by offering support and encouragement any time of the day. Emir loaded it with expert advice and inspiring quotes, but it’s still a beta version.

Here’s an example chat of a mysterious person (πŸ§‘β€πŸ’») being addicted to Finxter: πŸ‘‡

πŸ”— Try It Yourself:

GPT 5: AI Finxter – Engaging Tech Professor for Python, AI, and Tech

GΓ‘bor is our well-known Finxter author of many articles. He submitted a fun GPT that I had to publish on this list. πŸ’ͺ

Here’s an example chat:

πŸ”— Try It Yourself:

GPT 6: Dad Jokes – A Family-Friendly Comedian πŸ¦₯

Jason made a Dad Joke GPT called “All the Dad Jokes” as he has a tradition with his kids every night at dinner telling each other dad jokes…clean, family, friendly jokes. Good for the kids and the wife! πŸ˜‚

Here’s an example chat:

πŸ”— Try It Yourself:

GPT 7: Grill Genius – An Analytical BBQ Whiz

Jason also used his BBQ/Grilling/Smoking meats expertise to createΒ a GPT to assist users with recipes, grill temperatures, tips, and tricks. Here’s an example chat:

πŸ”— Try It Yourself:

Thanks for reading this article and being a valued member of the Finxter community! β™₯️ Feel free to check out our tutorial on creating GPTs yourself and read this article next: πŸ‘‡

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