Top 8 Freelance Developer Forums and Communities

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Freelance developing is snowballing—more and more coders decide to “work for themselves” and smash their well-compensated coding jobs in order to earn even higher rates as freelance developers.

Top 8 Communities for Python Freelance Developers

What are the reasons for the double-digit growth rates of freelancing platforms? Many freelance developers name higher hourly rates, no commute time, no bosses, greater flexibility, more experience, and higher work satisfaction as some of the benefits compared to being an employed developer.

However, freelancing can be quite a lonely work environmentIF you don’t get active in forums and other communities with like-minded people. This article shows you the best freelance developer forums and communities.

#1 Finxter Freelance Developer Mastermind Group

The Python freelancer course from Finxter is the world’s most comprehensive learning resource for every ambitious person who wants to create their thriving coding business online. Is this you?

With the course comes access to a community of other freelance developers (Facebook Mastermind Group & upcoming Slack Community) with coders ranging from complete beginners to 20 years of experience in the freelancing industry. This is the best freelance developer forum for coders who seek help on every step of the way to reaching average freelancing skills with six-figure earning potential and beyond. ?

#2 Freelance Developer Reddit Community

Reddit is one of the first resources you can think of when searching for communities of like-minded people. There’s a subreddit for everyone. The best Reddit community for freelance developers is the /r/FreelanceDevelopers subred:

Here’s the link to the Reddit community for freelance developers:

#3 Slack DevChat for Hackers

This supportive developer group is free to access and it contains roughly 20,000 people interested in coding. It’s not per se a freelancing group but for freelance developers, it’s definitely a great resource to ask questions and find support as you work on your coding projects for clients.

Here’s the link: DevChat – The Slack community for Hackers

#4 Quora Freelancing Tips and Hacks

The most active community on Quora regarding freelancing is the “Freelancing Tips and Hacks”.

Check out the new questions and answers:

I found quite some gems there. Here’s an interesting Quora thread I found:

You can click on the image to read the full answer.

#5 Upwork Community

Upwork is first and foremost a freelancing platform. But it’s also an active community of freelancers who communicate with each others. To participate in the discussion, you need an account—only passive reading can be done without an account. However, as a freelance developer, you do want to have an account on the leading freelance platform Upwork anyway, don’t you?

Here’s the link to the Upwork community (opens in a new tab):

#6 Community

I don’t recommend as a resource for finding gigs. Why? Because in recent years, the quality of the gigs suffered badly due to the flood of cheap labor competing away the monetary benefits of being a freelancer. However, the website contains solid information on freelancing and freelance developing. In fact, freelance developing has a very strong standing on the community platform.

Here’s the link to the community:

#7 Talkfreelance

This forum is tailored towards web developers and web designers—so, it’s relevant to many freelance developers as well. However, you also find discussions about non-tech related freelancing topics such as marketing, legal help, sales, SEO, social media, etc. You can not only post questions and answers in the forum but also ask for gigs. A great forum for most freelance developers.

Looks kind of old-school, I know. Here’s the link to the Talkfreelance forum:

#8 Home Business Forum

This community is for every person who’s starting a home-based business. As a freelancer, chances are that you are as well. However, the forum is also a bit broader covering all range of jobs that can be performed from home. Many topics cover essential topics such as business strategy, marketing, sales, tax, accounting. As a freelance developer, you must know these topics very well in order to thrive! With over 23,000 members and 7500 topics, the forum is not a small one either.

Here’s the link to Home Business Forum:

I hope you found this collection useful—no go ahead and start your own freelancing adventure if you haven’t already!

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