Top 5 Python Freelancer Jobs to Earn $51 per Hour on Upwork or Fiverr

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Python freelancers earn $51 per hour on average. But how do they do it? In the following video I show you the top five trending gigs for Python freelancers:

Top 5 Python Freelancer Jobs to Earn $51 per Hour on Upwork or Fiverr

In summary, these are the most trending jobs how Python freelancers earn money in 2020:

  1. Create educational content:. You can write blog articles for blog owners, write ebooks for publishers, or create full video courses for education companies. These gigs usually require that you’re dedicated to teaching and you’re willing to learn. But the payoff can be huge—because you learn new things, increase your value to the marketplace and get paid in the process.
  2. Become a consultant. If you have mastered the freelancing platforms, it often becomes a good idea to leave those platforms because they take a hefty 20% cut from your earnings. You can position yourself as an independent consultant and offer your services to big companies and business owners without intermediaries. Over time, more and more consulting opportunities will present themselves to you. Just work on your skills and contribute!
  3. Develop websites. Python has great web development back-end functionality. You can master Django, Flask, and MySQL databases for Python. Then, you can develop websites for individuals and companies and sell them. If you streamline the process, you can earn significant money for relatively little time because the process of creating a website can be 10x faster for experienced coders that optimize processes.
  4. Create machine learning models. Many companies have huge amounts of training and testing data. They need better models. So, they hire 20-30 machine learning engineers to create models that maximize accuracy and minimize variance. Then, they take the best one. This can be a massive opportunity for you because machine learning is here to stay.
  5. Visualize data and create dashboards. The internet of thing is a growing beast. Business owners must observe data from various sources that may change dynamically. A great way of accomplishing this are dashboards. In Python, you can easily create dashboards using the Dash library from Plotly. If you master this rapidly growing technology, you’ll have plenty of work in the upcoming decade.

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Where to Go From Here?

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