Top 10 Python OOP Cheat Sheets

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Hello fellow Finxters! I am back with another installment of top 10 cheat sheets. This time, we will be compiling a list of Python Object Oriented Programming (OOP) cheat sheets to make it easier to write programs to keep on hand! Let us dig right in without wasting any more time!

Here’s the cheat sheet created by Finxters—downloadable as a simple, plain PDF:

Cheat Sheet 1: Piazza

This 7-page cheat sheet is one to keep handy on the desk when you are first trying to understand OOP in Python. It has full explanations and examples giving you a full scope of classes, inheritance, and naming conventions for best practices. It perfect for beginners and those who need a refresher.

Pros: Rated β€˜E’ for everyone. This cheat sheet is great for everyone.

Cons: It can be a lengthy read; I would suggest highlighting the parts you really need.

Cheat Sheet 2: Codecademy

Codecademy is great place to learn coding in general. This cheat sheet shows you about classes and methods used to perform certain action in your programming. By visiting this link, you will also have access to other cheat sheets for functions, control flow, and other topics. It is perfect for beginners, it has explanations with code examples to show you how the method works.

Pros: Rated β€˜E’ for everyone.

Cons: None that I can see.

Cheat Sheet 3: Intellipaat

This cheat sheet goes over the basics of Python neatly separated into little boxes. It is great if you just need a quick reminder. This cheat sheet however has minimal explanation and no examples. I would leave this one to intermediate Pythoniers.

 Pros: Easy to read and understand.

Cons: No examples to see how the method runs

Cheat Sheet 4: Hackin9

Taken from Python crash course by This cheat sheet is 27 pages and covers Python 2 and 3. Complete with explanations that take you from the basics to Django. This cheat sheet is one you will want to keep handy! I know I do, tagged and highlighted!

Pros: Covers everything you need to know about Python.

Cons: It is a lengthy read.

Cheat Sheet 5: Tutorials Point

Tutorials Point is a great place to start if you want to learn Python! This cheat sheet is straight to the point, done in black and white. It has explanations and examples. It is great for the beginner Pythonier.

Pros: Rated β€˜E’ for everyone. Contains all the information you need.

Cons: It is a lengthy read, 8 pages in length.

Cheat Sheet 6: ISU Computer Science

From ISU Computer Science, this cheat sheet has all the Python keywords, concepts and functions. It is a great quick guide, though I would say for intermediate Pythoniers who do not need a lot of explanation.

Pros: Easy to read and understand

Cons: Not for beginners.

Cheat Sheet 7: CodeGrepper

CodeGrepper is a wonderful chrome extension made for beginner and advanced developers allowing you to spend more time developing and less time searching for answers. This cheat sheet gives you a code example explanation on the various methods in OOP for Python.

Pros: Rated β€˜E’ for everyone.

Cons: None that I can see.

Cheat Sheet 8: Programming with Mosh

This quick cheat sheet gets straight to the point with code examples. It is a good one to keep pinned above the monitor.

Pros: Rated β€˜E’ for everyone. Easy to understand.

Cons: None that I can see.

Cheat Sheet 9: Website Setup

This cheat sheet is one to keep handy as you are developing your app! Highlight most commonly used functions and have an in depth understanding of Python OOP.

Pros: Rated β€˜E’ for everyone. One to keep on hand for sure!

Cons: It is a lengthy read.

Cheat Sheet 10: Techgeekbuzz

This cheat sheet will introduce Python and give code examples on the different methods and functions in Python.

Pros: Rated β€˜E’ for everyone

Cons: None that I can see.

Bonus Cheat Sheet: Real Python

I found this cheat sheet last minute and even though it is not an actual cheat sheet for OOP syntax it is a cheat sheet of the best resources to learn OOP in Python. I have each one bookmarked in my browser so I can understand OOP better myself!