[Video] 7 Tips to Self-Publish Your First Coding Book

Do you dream of publishing your own book?

You are not alone. 80% of adults dream of writing their own book.

And in fact, publishing your first coding book can be a great way of boosting your coding career to the next level!

For example, thanks to the sales of my “Coffee Break Python” books, I was able to focus full-time on this Finxter website.

To give you a first overview of how to approach this marathon, I have created this video walking through the beautiful home village of my wife.

Are you interested in learning more about self-publishing your first coding book? After publishing my last course “8 Pillar Machine Learning Algorithms” on the Finxter academy, I am on the lookout for follow-up projects.

I would appreciate your feedback a lot — just leave a comment below! Do you consider writing your own coding book?

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