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Maintaining an online platform at this scale is challenging and often frustrating. The one thing that keeps me creating helpful content day in and day out is YOU. It's your feedback, your critics, your testimonials, and your calls for help.

This article is a truthful and weighted compilation of user feedback and testimonials (the ones I am allowed to publish) regarding my books, courses, and services.

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What Our Users Say

I see you as the Khan academy for python. Simple and clear explanation. You have a knack for teaching.

Claude Laundry

Wants to keep his neurons active

"I'm PhD in chemistry and currently working in process development r&d. My goal to learn python is to implement the machine learning (using scikit learn) to predict the results of my design of experiment to get maximum yield. Your puzzle based learning of python helped me a lot to understand basic concepts of python programming. you are doing very great work." -- Pankajkumar

"I've been persistent in getting down the basics -- your puzzles help me understand (and appreciate) the logic that goes into coding." -- Travis E.

"Hello! I’m very happy I’ve found your service. It’s simple, interesting and effective. But very often it shows me an explanation to a previous puzzle. I’m hope you’ll fix it. Thank you for your job. You make fun my learning of programming." -- Ivan P.

"As a life-long learner, I find your Python cheat sheets to be excellent - both in layout and content. I may go to other resources for comprehensive or in-depth knowledge, but your cheat sheets are just what I need for quick direction and daily motivation. Keep up the good work, Rachel" -- Rachel C.

"Awesome site and content!" -- Marc C.

"I really enjoy the puzzles and the book, and I recommend it to my friends interested in python ☺️" -- Melissa

"I have never learned so deeply! You are awesome" -- Myu

"Christian - I find these super-helpful. Thank you." -- Travis

"I’ve been enjoying the website so far and it’s been a great help in learning Python." -- Thomas

"Christian’s Finxter coaching service is awesome! Before his support, I learned Python at Progate and wrote small Python codes. But problem is, “How far should I learn to get jobs?”. I couldn’t identify that. For me, there is too much to learn in Python. He gave me a clear guide. “Look into past project in freelancer site and write code to meet the requirement. I’ll support you”. He also told me what I shouldn’t do to get practical Python skill. Through looking in project, I grasp the trend and have a clear idea what is practical Python skill. In addition to it, I actually wrote code to meet the project requirement and the number of GitHub repository increases rapidly:D I realize my skills also grow. Thank you for supporting me!" -- Myu

"I had a quick look at your book. Simply stated: I loved it!!! It was amaaazing 😀 It definitely sounds very mature and helpful. I see that I need to learn python properly 😉 Also, the puzzles seem very nice." -- Zohaib

"Thanks Christian, I am new to python. I really enjoy your tutorials." -- Jim

"Looks like coffee break puzzles are effective in my case. I do remember most of the stuff, especially if I fail to solve one and have to dig deeper to understand the concept." -- Grzegorz

"It's so helpful, I learn basics but I have some difficulties with solving some exercices." -- Beyram

"As a fellow educator and fellow (former) Ph.D. student, I just wanted to let you know that I'm really impressed with your teaching materials. You're doing a really good job!" -- Daniele

"I really enjoy your coffee break emails and they help a lot and I just purchased your book." -- Kelly

"I really enjoy these emails, thanks for putting them together." -- Brian

"Thanks for the best mental break between conf calls i've had in ages!" -- Joey

"I'm learning Python this semester as part of my degree and I found your way of explaining things way better than my professor's (well, at least it works for me)." -- Rochan

"As usual you made a awesome post love it" -- Muhammad

"Honestly I did sign up in finxter and I was solving some problems there one month ago but I didn’t pay attention to your emails and I thought they are like other advertising emails which I have to unsubscribe. But when I read one of them I really find it very interesting." -- Amin

"I love your website and your book. Haven't finished it but I'm on my way!" -- Yan

"Thank you for a great resource!! I really appreciate the time, effort, and thought you have put into this." -- Marcus

"I want to send my profound thankfulness. I am so happy to have received a new year gift. Thank you Christian. You have given me a gift of a lifetime. I have started reading it as I speak. I won't put it down until I finish. and I hope by the time I put it down I will have acquired enough knowledge to push me even higher." -- Mapenzi

"Thank you for everything you do for us." -- Collen

"This is by far the best email listing I have ever subscribed to." -- Robert

"I really enjoy these emails." -- Nicholas

"I LOVE the way your course is set up. So much so, in fact, that I would love to be able to use it with my students. I love the concept of learning a little bit, then being tested on what you have learned. I believe you call it "practice testing." I plan on implementing that concept as soon as school gets back in session on Monday. I also love the way you have implemented the ELO system, so that students who fail on a question are sent back to an easier one before moving ahead." -- Lee

"Love your videos! :)" -- Catalina

"Finxter has helped me to accelerate my level of capturing data. I'm forever grateful to Finxter." -- Mapenzi

"I very appreciate Your work, keep going!" -- Nermin

"I want to praise you and express my thoughts about Finxter and Coffee Break Python. It is just a delightful way to learn Python and computer science (as well as the logics and maths involved in them)." -- Marcos

"Thank you Christian, I love your idea and believe in passing it forward, A GIANT THANK YOU for shareing your knowledge and skills with us. Its been so helpful to me and no doubt many others. Ive learnt more in 1 month of emails @finxter than 6 months of tutorials online elsewhere! Hope to be enrolling soon From one of the swarm. [...] Books awesome I'll rate it at Amazon today. Thanks again for helping me change and improve my life." -- Simon

"Good job Christian Mayer! I really liked finxter.com and your method of teaching." -- Alexander

"Your course is exceptional." -- Simon

"Your a good teacher, Christian, you know?" -- Catalina

"I am a third year engineering student, I have used python sparingly for someone else's project, so every time I try to do it on a full length scale, I just get bored due to parts present that I already know. That's one of the reasons I liked your site, it is presenting challenges, thus every new challenge is different for me and I am doing the thinking instead of somebody just telling me what to do. I really like doing these ones, thank you!" -- Amit

"You are very good at making things funny." -- Fabio

"Thank you for all your time spending on us. You're great!" -- Catalina

"BTW, thank you for your time/ work/ help/ trainings and etc. on Python. I really enjoy getting daily emails from you; I read them every time I get. This model is really working: I feel need to catch up with the rest, try to spend some time learning the syntax/ coding. Pretty cool. Highly appreciated :)" -- Kristina

"Meanwhile, I am studying hard. I have used the spreadsheet you sent to keep track of my time. Since signing up for your classes 28 days ago, I have worked on your materials a total of 47 hours. Impressive when you consider how much of my time is invested in teaching and preparing lessons. I agree 100% with your philosophy that the only way to keep from feeling like an imposter is to master the basics. In some cases I am going back to revisit concepts I learned earlier just so I can make sure I understand them fully. The challenges are a fun way to learn and the attached videos are spot on, carefully chosen to enhance our learning. The challenge to sign up as a freelancer and begin taking on mock assignments came as a surprise, but I have now done several and learned a great deal in the process. I am confident that if I continue at my current pace, I should be proficient by the end of the school year in May and should be well on my way to start accepting real job assignments with real money attached." -- Lee

"By the way ,I like the new website updates and can't get enough of the puzzles. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you." -- Simon

"Nice to get your mail again, I love them!" -- Albrecht

"Thank you for these e-mails, puzzles, tips and tricks and material for learning. [Also], I'd like to thank you for your coffee break e-mail series and your code puzzles on Finxter. They are fun, engaging and quite educational. They both made me all the more interested in Python as a programming language and coding in general." -- Manuel

"Your mails are really making my day. Hope you continue this journey. All the puzzles and lectures are great and clear. Just wanted to say thanks! Have a nice day." -- Umut

"Thank you very much for this wonderful course! I really enjoy solving puzzles and feel it helps me a lot!" -- Tetiana

"Actually I am very happy and grateful to you that I am a member of this email course and I learned from you." -- Hiral

"I am honored to be learning from one of the most brilliant masters of Python." -- Nick

"Thank you so much for all the awesome learning courses and puzzles ! I really enjoy solving those puzzles." -- Daisy

"These emails are incredible - very good!" -- Jamison

"Your consultancy work was pivotal to my understanding" -- Richard

"Another great little Python book from Christian and his colleagues. As a practitioner in this field, I really appreciate the focus on real-world problems. I can see my coffee breaks will be full for some time to come!" -- Chris C.

"Congratulations for your work!, I really enjoy your puzzles and your books, I have both, coffee break and coffee break slicing." -- Joan

"Can I say first of all, congratulations on a completely compelling training room." -- Donald

"Your method of teaching python is awesome.." -- Arnaud

"I love your emails and I follow them a lot. I have a big break with computer science but your email encourage me to start again. I studied computer hardware almost 22 years ago." -- Past

"There are a lot of ways to learn Python, and in my opinion this site is one of the best resources available. It has everything to you need to really learn Python. From your part, you must study every day, and not just 20 minutes, but at least a couple of hours. Use Pomodoro technique: 25 min. study, 5 min. rest (apps are available for smartphones), and you'll see how quickly you will be proficient in Python." -- Rostyslav

"Really loving your posts Chris. They’ve been such a great help in my Python journey. Always look forward to them...nice break from work. For sure." -- Jennifer

"I've been going through all the emails I've received with regard to the Coffee Break Python series. [...] I really am a huge fan of your website and the emails. Thank you Keep up the good work 🙂" -- Rahul

"Finxter is the footprints for better future. We just need to follow its footprints, the road might be adventurous but our goal always should be to reach other side of the road." -- Aayush

"This is the best thing one needs to literally become zero to hero in Python." -- Fagun

"Hey, thanks a lot for the [Cheat Sheet] reminders. Now they decorate my workplace and always with me. Have a good day and good luck." -- Artem

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